Wisdom of Progressive Voices


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Wisdom of Progressive Voices celebrates the words and lives of those who have articulated a forward thinking view of political, social, and environmental issues of their times. Through the sampling of those featured in this book, we have illustrated that progressive wisdom has been spoken by men and women from many political walks of life as well as different generations, faiths, and races – all of whom tried to move us forward with the idea that voices who look for common ground, while acknowledging the differences within us, offer a true road map for life’s journey.
The book focuses on the fact that a progressive movement has always been with us – and always will be. It features quotes and beliefs from America’s rich history from the Progressive Movement onward. The people profiled within the books pages are those who advocated for social, economic, political, and environmental justice in their eras and who’s words are as applicable today as they were when first spoken.