(2021) Guest Lecture: Margaret Haile

Post-Event Update

Thank you to Cindy Ringer and all supporters who made this event a success. A recording of the program is available at this link.

The Forgotten Comrade: Margaret Haile

January 31st at 4 pm Eastern

Margaret Haile co-founded the Socialist Party of America and was the first woman to run for legislative office in Canada. But who was she, really? Precious little is known about this pioneer socialist and associate of Eugene V. Debs. Join us in welcoming guest speaker Cindy Ringer for a special virtual presentation, “The Forgotten Comrade: Margaret Haile.” Ms. Ringer’s research, combined with letters she inherited, casts new light on a remarkable woman who played an active role in the early years of socialist movements in the United States and Canada. A question and answer session will follow this one-hour presentation.  

Registration is required to view the presentation in Zoom Webinar. Follow this link to register. The program will also stream live on Facebook.

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“I cannot eat my daily bread alone,
Give none to me if these cannot be fed.
With them I stand or fall, for we are one.
Father, give ALL of us our daily bread.”
-Margaret Haile, 1903